Saturday March 3 2012


DREAM: My mother sits beside me as we ride a super fast vehicle through a hypothetical space-time continuum. She talks us through two theories on how the universe was born. We start out flying through the Evolution line but soon after switch to Creation. We’re taken to the actual moment when only nothing existed. We soar straight down into an ocean plummeting all the way to the bottom. Then I release my sperm into a gargantuan cluster of a white primordial silicon substance that’s understood to represent the beginning of all life.

Waking up after noon.

Getting breakfast from a snack truck by the Philly library.

Egg and Cheese Hoagie. Orange Juice.

Taking the five-hour drive to Richmond for our last show of the tour.

[Text message]

In regards to the late responses to her texts, Margot says: “You need to learn how to multi task.”

Me: “I like focus. I’m not a woman.”

Some kid in another band gave me a bar of soap. So I tape it up over an air vent to make a DIY air freshener...


In the car we get into a discussion about the “strange sounds in the sky” videos that have popped up all over Youtube and listen to a few of them.

Stef: “I love life. It’s so full of mystery. It’s awesome!”

I enjoy being around people with that attitude.


Pit stop at some super corp-mecca of restaurants in Fredericksburg.

Greek Salad from Panera and French Fries from Five Guys.

Arriving at this guy Alex’s house in Richmond who runs shows in a spacious basement. It’s surprisingly organized. He offers up a keg to get people here on time, which is included in the $5 cover.

It’s a decent crowd. Maybe 35 people. I don’t know anybody here. I’m feeling despondent and really anxious to get home. We perform a decent set along with other bands.


On the drive to Virginia Beach. Smoking a cigarillo and eating Goldfish snacks for sustenance.


Finally. In my room again. My cave. My abode.

Margot walks in wearing a sexy black dress and acting irritated that she forgot her contacts case, “I’m so mad I forgot that. Tell me you have an extra one here or I’m leaving.”

Me: “Nice to see you too.”

I provide the extra case and kiss her neck. We’re very happy to see each other and both very deprived of the other’s sweetness. We instigate a passionate session of chair sex. The blue string lights coiled around my loft bed reflect off the dark layers of our wanting skin. She has the purest power over me as her battle-axe of a body rides on top of my slender vessel of a body.

In the midst of the action and out of breath she mutters, “I love you...”

“I know,” I respond.


Later in bed before we drift off to sleep she keeps repeating how she wants to look pretty for me and that’s why she’s been going to the gym all the time.

Me: “...Mmm...You’re such a fantasy...”

Dreaming around 3 a.m.

[i] Dennis Wojtkiewicz.
[ii] All other images by me.

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