Friday March 23 2012


DREAM: House on a lake. Dreamy. Filming three bridesmaids purposefully walking sideways off the edge of a pier into the water.


Floating along in a boat picking them up out of the water. Inside the house now. Phil Gray is catching a nap on a couch. I realize I need a nap too and settle down near him. Meanwhile, the cast and crew meander about the house.


Watching a college football game behind a concrete structure. Mascots on stilts representing giants. My friends and I crack open beers. Sudden fear of police officers nearby catching us. I toss my beer across the field to get rid of the evidence.

Waking up naturally...

I watch Margot put on bright attire, a teal skirt and pink shirt...

Me: “I can see why the British call women birds. You wear these colorful clothes to attract mates...just like birds, like those red robins and their bellies.”

We go to Doc Taylor’s for brunch. Amanda, Stephanie, and Marko happen to be there by chance.

Getting Dr. Tuttle’s French Toast with Orange Juice.

That dreadful yellow blanket of pollen covers the whole town, wherever there is a surface to be covered you can be sure it’s covered. It’s like God sneezed and forces us all to sneeze too.

Back home.

Egg Sandwich with Mayonnaise and Tomato. Multi-Grain Tortilla Chips with Fresh Guacamole. Pomegranate Cherry Ade.

I get called into work at China Wok for a few hours. I stay later than expected but it’s profitable.

Spring Rolls. Tofu and Mixed Vegetable Soup with Red Beans and Rice.

Watching Good Neighbors (2010).

Fortune cookie: “Love mankind, trust the majority, and never owe anyone.”

[Text Message]

Margot: “Hi. I’m closing but I really need to see you tonight. Come over? Or I can?”


Margot: “Like seriously Robert. I really need to be with you tonight. Plz text me back.”

Me: “yoyoyo. what is going on? just got to my phone. are you okay? what’s wrong?”

Margot: “Idk. Nothing is wrong per say I just have this really strong feeling that I need to be with you tonight.”

Me: “per say? or nothing wrong at all? bad day? stress?”

Margot: “No. Well my tummy hurts. But it’s just a feeling. I want to be with my baby real bad.”

Me: “alright you needie sweet thang. I might be drifting off to sleep before you close but ill leave the door unlocked. text me when you’re on da way.”

A shot of Apple Cider Vinegar to dispel oncoming allergies and sickness, and with Hot Honey Red & White Tea.

Recording Vaginasaurs scratch tracks.

Strawberries with Honey. Popcorn.

Margot finally arrives from work...

Me: “So why was it so urgent that you see me tonight?”

Her: “I was just talking to some girls about this [other guy] and how he’s always saying how pretty I am and he wants to date me and I was just telling them I already have someone that loves me and cares about me...and puts up with my shit.”


Even though it’s really late and we’re both tired she persuades me into having sex.

Sleep just before 4 a.m.

[i] Pollen Blanket by Wolfgang Laib.

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