Monday March 26 2012


DREAM: Conversations with Raven again. They seem to get warmer and more in depth every time...closer to least here in dreamland.

Strawberries and Vanilla Yogurt.

All day shift at China Wok.

Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Potato Chip Trio with Avocado. Honey Green Tea.

I spot a halfway authentic steampunk kid in Ocean Gates apartments off Harpers Road, complete with top hat, cloak, baggy jeans, and gold chains. I didn’t know they actually existed in everyday life especially not in Virginia Beach. I think he might’ve sneered at me.

It's incredibly slow at work. I've taken only 5 orders in 4 hours.


Reading and researching.

Elliott pops in to visit. We chat about his experience at the SXS festival in Austin and the recycling of books made into movies.

Two Glazed Doughnuts and Coffee from 7-11.

After delivering Chinese food to some of the same addresses for over two years I tend to act on robot mode half the time. Once I read the address on the ticket I don’t have to put too much thought into how I’m going to get to the destination. But sometimes my brain fumbles big time and thinks I’m supposed to go somewhere I’m not. I’ve just arrived at Harbor Point condos on the south end of the beach and an overwhelming feeling of regret comes over me. I’ve gone in the complete opposite direction. The ticket doesn’t say Harbor Point it says Mariner’s Mark, which is on the corner of Shore Drive and Great Neck. That’s about ten miles away. I don’t know where I got confused. I inform Cecily, my boss, about the mistake and that I’ll be a little bit longer.

On the way I scoop up Margot whose come to visit me. I complain to her about the foul-up I just made. I blame it on the upsetting stomach caused from the coffee and doughnuts.

Me: “I had two doughnuts and coffee earlier. That was the worst choice I made all day.”

Continuing the shift. I keep getting these faraway orders. It’s ridiculous. And no generous tips to make up for the gas. 1 dollar here. 2 dollars there. Nothing worth my time tonight.

I’m at 4004 Atlantic Avenue and the hurricane force wind swings my door open with a jolt as I turn the handle. I think it’s broke now because it’s not shutting properly.

Delivering an order all the way to 72nd street. Not thinking I give the guy the wrong bag but don’t realize it until I make it to 12th street. The second big mistake I’ve made. Man, those doughnuts and that coffee really were the worst choice I made all day, like a bad omen. It sucks because I definitely lost major brownie points with my boss because up until now I was a flawless efficient human delivery machine. Now I’m just human.

I’m angry. A terrible day. The amount of money I made to the amount of miles I drove doesn’t balance at all. Why am I complaining anyway? Bad days like this come once in a blue moon and without them I wouldn’t have good days to compare them to.

Teriyaki BBQ Egg, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Kale, and Onions with Rice.

I head to Margot’s. Grabbing one of the PBR tallboys out of the fridge and pouring it into a glass. I start pacing around the living room sipping on the beer—venting about the struggles of the day to her while she lies on the couch. She’s wearing a fluffy white bathrobe...and nothing else—very enticing. With the combination of her being horny lately and me with the need for an angsty fuck there’s only one thing that could happen next. I try to make this one last. Her beauty screams to me like the magnetic forces of positive and negative. After a certain vicinity there’s no turning around. I notice more smiles which shows me she’s having a good time and pleased to be offering pleasure for me and for her self.


Afterwards, we sit back, relax, and cuddle. She lets out three little burps in a row. With a big smile she turns and asks, “Aren’t I cute?”

“[Haha!] Oh yes you are!”


Tucking her into bed then heading back home.

Sleep 3 a.m.

[i] Steampunk Abe.

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