Sunday March 18 2012


DREAM: Attending this new Show n Tell type event except the number of acts forces there to be two separate events going on at once in two different buildings. I'm with a small group of people. We watch as a solo musician takes the stage, which is really just the front porch of a house and he has to perform facing the open door. It doesn't make any sense. I mention this to one of the people hosting the event but it's all according to plan. I plop down on a couch with a few buddies, Darren, James Graves, and some other guy friends. There's a girl that sparked all of our collective interest. Somehow I was able to woo this girl and she sits down next to me with my arms around her. It turns out to be Elaina, the girlfriend of my old roommate, Kyle from 1623. Later, I'm having a phone conversation with Rocky. She's upset and sobbing after having the stark realization her and I can't be friends anymore, or even lovers (as if this was something even considered). All of this is based on some weird spiritual revelation...

Rocky: “Robert, it's not going to work. I'm Catholic.”

I don't know what to say.

Alarm goes off at 11:27 a.m.

Super Sonic Breakfast Burrito from Sonic (Egg, Cheese, Tomatoes, and Jalapenos). Orange Juice.

All day shift at China Wok.

Peanut Butter Bagel. Honey Green Tea.

James Graves texts me...

Him: “Is there a way to be persistent without being viewed as obsessed?”

Me: “obsession and persistence are sometimes inseparable. but there's nothing wrong with either until you lose control...of yourself or rather your mind.”

The deliveries are steady...

Listening to talk radio and the comedy station...

Salt n Vinegar Chips.

I asked Cecily to let me off an hour early in order to make the Musicplayer show at Clinton’s garage.


I head over there. City Cop is performing and there’re a lot of kids crowding up the driveway. Lots of friends and familiars. A successful show.

I do my solo acoustic thing with a back rhythm tambourine attached to a hi-hat. It pulls off well considering I haven’t performed these songs in a while. At a certain point towards the beginning of “Sexy Pain” I experience a complete brain void and can’t remember the first line to the first verse. I stop abruptly. Everyone laughs and I laugh at myself for forgetting my own song. Rachel shouts out the words and I’m back on track.

After me, Playground Runaround (Kevin and Richie) bust out their instrumental wonderland jams. I improvise on the tambourine and hi-hat as a back up on percussion. The music is a crowd pleaser.


The show’s over and we throw out an invitation for people to come hang out at the house.

Making Pizzas with Peppers and Onions. Drinking PBR’s.

All of us congregating in the dining room. We try our hand at paddleball and enjoy each other’s company.
Josiah’s a little drunk and hopped up on spice. Rachel and Stephanie warn us that he’s in the shower. We go to investigate and find him lying naked in the tub in a happy trippy state. He’s fascinated with the surf-themed shower curtains...

Josiah: “Where’d you get these shower curtains? From the West?”

We give him water...

Josiah: “I’m gonna drink this water then take another shower to wash the water off.”

He is out of it. He retreats to Kevin’s bed but after a few moments of exposing himself to everyone, eventually ends up on the couch downstairs drifting off amidst the noise. 


I’m enjoying myself with these people. It’s good to see Rachel’s cherry face back in the mix. Everyone’s corralling at the bottom of the steps. Stef and I work out some ideas for a new Vaginasaurs song. Rusty and Marko sing out oos and doos like the Beach Boys.

I’m exhausted and finally retreat to my bedroom to decompress...

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Naked Josiah (Censored by Krishna). Image by me.
[ii] Sketch by Rusty.

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