Wednesday October 26 2011

DREAM: The staircase. Jimmy and my mom are walking up. They’re in a hurry to make a bible study class. She doesn’t know I’m here.

“Mom! Hey mom!”

Immediately she fumbles down the steps to greet me, knocking a lady over in the process...


“Mom, watch out. You just knocked that lady over.”

All she cares about is giving her son a hug. I’m coerced into joining this bible study class. Sitting down at a table with others, the people I remember going to church with. I’m given a piece of cardboard with handwriting on it. Attempting to read it out loud but some of the letters are illegible so I’m struggling to pronounce the biblical words.


I’m stuck on a public transportation bus on Oceana Blvd. James Graves is here with me and maybe somebody else. A box was left here by a homeless man I know. Pamphlets, papers, clothes, shoes, bric-a-brac, etc. I find two dollar bills dated back to 1969—they look strangely antique with big block lettering. It’s understood these are rare valuable finds and worth some money. Feeling sorry that he left it here. I keep it safe. Waiting...waiting...waiting. More people have entered. Anthony is in the seat across from me. A fairly attractive girl joins James in his seat. A new bus driver takes the wheel and he tries to kick some guy off the bus for misbehaving. The guy is pissed and sad. I explain to him that the walk is not that long to Hilltop, where everything is. I’m fiddling with a plastic bag of fried cinnamon balls sifting in chicken powder. They’re very tasty.

Waking up around 2 p.m.

Cinnamon Roll. Orange Juice. Zinc.


Meeting with Alex Forster and his film partner, Brooks, here at the house to discuss some project ideas:::::docu-dramas—China Wok documentaries—Musicplayer videos—1435 reality shows.

Eating a Grilled Cheese with Honey Green Tea. Surprised at how horrible of a job I did cooking it the first time (the bread got burnt cause I was using a different pan and using different butter).

Brainstorming at the card table.

Meanwhile the German couch surfers just got back from their Virginia Beach ventures lead by Darren...they’re taking off to Florida to continue their American tour—sad times because it was fun having them here. But that’s the way the cookie crumbles here at the house: people come and go; experience, then leave.

Potato Chip Trio. Banana. Aloe Vera Juice.

I get called into China Wok for just an hour—extra cash is good.

Beer Glazed Black Beans and Onions with Mixed Vegetables and Rice.

Pumpkin Poker—meaning we play poker while James meticulously carves an angry pumpkin face. The mood is light at first but becomes socially heavy and exasperating...for all parties. When the capacity increases the tendency for stress also increases.

Cloves. Cool wind. Sorting through inconsistencies.

Anthony: “Give the kids a place to go.”

Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Watching The Extra Man [2010].

Sleep 4:30 a.m.

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