Saturday October 15 2011

DREAM: We just arrived at a house...after a long journey by truck. *cough* Something’s in my throat. My dad informs me I have the critters. “The Critters?” I notice a tiny fly shoot out of my mouth when I cough. These look more like fruit flies. It’s understood these pests multiply in your head and don’t really stop until you die or get incredibly sick. Where they come from is a mystery. I keep coughing more and more. I lean over the sink and attempt to hock a loogie. Then...self-induced vomiting. But nothing happens. “The Critters” are still here...

Crawling out of bed at 11:14 a.m.

Banana. Orange Juice.

All day shift at China Wok.

Darren walks into the restaurant for a lunch special.

Darren: “Did you know 1 in 5000 babies are born without a butthole? The doctors have to surgically cut one out for them...”

Thanks Mr. Information Highway.

Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Blue and Yukon Gold Potato Chips. Honey Green Tea.

When is the sun going to hibernate? I really wish it to soon.

Nicole stops by...riding around with me on a few deliveries...

“Free China Wok delivery rides! Offer stands. Fri – Mon. Call now and receive a free autographed copy of my book, The Penis and Our Lives. This offer only valid till October 15 11:11pm EST.”

Seatbelt debates. Does wearing one really increase your chance of survival?

Taken from Snopes: “The false belief that it’s safer not to wear a seat belt in case the vehicle catches fire persists despite the mountain of evidence countering it. Death by incineration or drowning accounts for less than one-tenth of one percent of motor-vehicle-related traumas. Most passengers who are ejected from vehicles die, and the majority of them are thrown through the windshield. The chances of injury from hitting the pavement, a fixed object, or a moving vehicle (including your own) are also much greater if you are not wearing a seat belt.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says this: “Most crash fatalities result from the force of impact or from being thrown from the vehicle, not from being trapped. All studies show you are much more likely to survive a crash if you are buckled in. Ejected occupants are four times as likely to be killed as those who remain inside.”


Me: “For every concern you have I’ve already thought about it and have taken matters into my own hands.”


Me: “You seem like an old soul. It’s funny when you can recognize young souls. You can sense the inexperience in them.”

Asian Pear...sweet and crispy.

oh my! that OminOus mOOn...

Hot and Sour Soup...(crunchy noodle delight)

Off work a little later than usual.

Kombucha Tea and Licorice.


Red Beans and Rice.

“There’s never nothing going on. Take out the trash. The trash is anything that is keeping you from the only thing that matters—this moment, here, now.”

Friend’s School adventures with Amanda, Nicole, Darren, Anthony, and Kelley. The air is chilly enough for a sweater or jacket.


Rope swing training.


A one-on-one basketball match with Anthony—it’s a vigorous game—hard to breathe—it ends 8 to 7 (he wins).

Anthony: “Now don’t put on your blog Robert slaughtered Anthony on the courts they had to call the Friends School maintenance to clean up the mess or that you had a raging victory…”

Me: “Don’t worry. I just won’t mention that you won...But I will.”


Catching my breath—squatting atop the basketball on a picnic table by the soccer nets—the moon is a spotlight illuminating everything. Darren and Amanda are just across the way at their own picnic table while Nicole and I engage in dream talks and how insincerity might be associated with the inability to remember things.

At the house. Amanda comments on my room, “The empathy king lives in a fortress.”

Me: “I have everything I need here.”


Nicole and I both have been contemplating on the idea of consistency...

Me: “My goal is to be the most consistent human being I can possibly be...I find myself starting off with matching my actions to my beliefs but sometimes we tend to match our beliefs with our actions.”


Darren: “Sometimes my breath is taken away when I see myself in the mirror.”

Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Sleep 5 a.m.

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