Friday October 14 2011

DREAM: I bring in frozen Cod Fillets to China Wok in hopes that Ling would cook them up for me. He opens the package and shows me that it’s discolored and that they have gone bad.

11:06 a.m. my alarm goes off.

Banana. Orange Juice. Zinc.

All day shift at China Wok.

Snapping the peas...always snapping the peas.

You look like Abbie Cornish, that actress with a really pretty face who played in that movie Candy with Heath Ledger. The smell of incense drips from this ticket. It must’ve transferred from your hand as you signed the credit receipt. I take a whiff on the way down the elevator.

Trail Mix. Aloe Vera Drink.

Sex-crazed thoughts fill up my head and flow through my blood. I don’t know how to stop them.

Peanut Butter Bagel. Blue and Yukon Gold Potato Chips. Honey Green Tea.

the moon is exclusively for lovers...romantic and magical.

it’s that gravity...pulling and stealing our gaze. you know you’re too worldly when its easier for you to avoid it.

no matter where you go in the world the moon is there.

I drive and drive and drive...until its time to stop.

I made out with $111 in tips tonight.

Tofu and Mixed Vegetables in Garlic Sauce with Rice.

I pick up Anthony from home and head to Norfolk, but he drives so I can eat my dinner and take a break from the pedal.

Performing a solo Musicplayer set at The Taphouse with Wes Gow and his band Two Bars from the Gun. Trying out some new covers—Anthony blows on the harmonica alongside me on a few songs, adding a folkier flavor. There’s an obnoxious bunch of bald dudes at a table—even though I’m being amplified I find it difficult to compete over their outbursts, which can only be fueled by beer and testosterone.

Directly behind The Taphouse, in the same building, I’m thrilled to find Kelsie McNair. Margot found her here first. She recently rented a storefront for her vintage clothes, jewelry, and other things. I recall running into her and her mom at Target quite a while back and her telling me about her plans to do this after moving back here from Boston.

Me: “It’s just so exciting to see the future.”

On the drive back home Anthony tells me of times he remembers walking into the library with his father, and as soon as they got through the door his dad would say, “You could burn a lot of these.”

Back home.

She came out to the show but I didn’t give her much attention so she’s here in my room. I bombard her with a big squeezy hug. And after all that fiery sexual build up earlier today while I was delivering, I felt inclined to fulfill these inner desires. There’s shifting. There’s kissing. There’s oral pleasure. There’s lovely blissful warm awesomeness.

You’re so satisfying.

What a stark contrast from the other night. What to make of it. Is it worth making anything of? Is it even news to this super attached and tiresome body? Not just sex. No. But that’s the problem. And so it goes...but sooner or later...something will change. Will. Change.

Licorice and bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Sleep just before 5 a.m.

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