Thursday October 13 2011

That was a really tough thing I had to do last night, rejecting her love…her sex. It was like an erotic movie scene gone bad. The viewer is excited for the imminent sexual bliss that’s to come but BAM, that’s a no-go. Zip up your pants. Shrink back into your contraption and keep it in your imagination. Denying my fiery libido feels like the ultimate crime. I made a good decision though. Love and sex just don’t cut it for me…well, not all the time. But in the end they don’t. Nor does masturbation.

Waking up sometime after 1:30 p.m.

Banana. Orange Juice. Zinc.

Google work.

Lunch: Egg Sandwich with Mayonnaise and Tomato. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Watching Peaceful Warrior [2006].

“People are not their thoughts. They think they are. And it brings them all kinds of sadness….The mind is just a reflex organ. Reacts to everything. Fills your head with millions of random thoughts a day, and none of those thoughts reveal anymore about you than a freckle does at the end of your nose.”

Spending a time-consuming few hours organizing and categorizing song/sound files.

Anthony, on Darren and Kevin…

“They both are super quotable and super awkward with the ladies…and subject to being made fun of.”

Downstairs…stretching—exercising. Anthony and I facilitate a youtube playlist that keeps our feet shuffling all over this dirty stained carpet…

“All that she wants is another baby. She’s gone tomorrow…”

Anthony answers the phone:::::“Ace of Base Headquarters. Can I help you?”

Man, this feels like an ultra body high to be dancing without etiquette or dignity, except for this dignity I have in being...just being loose...being free...being light as the leaves…

Sharing strawberry effervescent kombucha tea with Anthony…

Mooning Kevin as he exits the bathroom is worth the exposure.

Rehearsing songs for The Taphouse show the bathroom (my reverb haven).

Carrots and Celery with Ranch.

Chanello’s Pizza is a good accompaniment for a movie night…

Showing The Dark Angel: Psycho Kickboxer [1997]. Anthony praises his cousin who plays a role in it, which is also filmed here in the warehouses and back alleyways of Virginia Beach with a special showdown fight scene at the Hot Tuna restaurant where the crime boss keeps his base.

Pumpkin Ale.

In regards to people constantly exiting my life and moving out of places I live before leases are up…

Me: “Why can’t I have a steady family in my life?”

Nicole: “You’re gonna have to impregnate somebody for that.”

Darren: “I keep meeting different versions of the same people! What is with the world? What are we all coming to?”

Pulling out the old Sega Genesis for some competitive NBA Jam games…Kelly Suddeth walks in and serves as a legitimate distraction using conversation tactics causing a lack in our game…

There’s a Sega game called Exodus, with bible-themed maze-like levels where Moses has to destroy everything in his path with the word of God. Anthony and I brush up on our biblical knowledge with the questions that are asked at the end of each level…

Me: “Oh my gosh. It’s hot in here [the a/c is not in service]. I really want to have sex soon.”

Anthony: “A wise man once said, Nothing beats a solo sexual release followed by a 20-minute nap.

Me: “Who said that?”

Anthony: “You said that!”

Cheerios with Brown Sugar. Aloe Vera Drink.

Playing through more songs in the kitchen…

On my way up the stairs, Anthony slaps me on the butt and says, “See you’re not having sex and you’re playing more guitar now than you have all year.”

Sleep sometime after 4:30 a.m.

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