Friday March 31 2023

Waking up bright and early at 8 a.m.


Linking up at the warehouse with everyone – piling into the bus and trailer. We don’t leave on time as planned cause some people are late and then we’re last minute trying to coordinate picking up Nigel’s phone he left at home.


I take first driving shift. Protein Shake. Tea.


A few hours in we switch drivers. Eating a toasted PB&J English Muffin with some Coffee.


Climbing atop the bunk and sleeping for a few hours.


Later on, Jimmy takes the wheel and as a collective we get lost trying to avoid parkways in New York. Nigel wanted us to eat at his friend Anthony’s restaurant in Long Island – little did we know how much of an adventure we’d go on. This whole endeavor added 2-3 hours to our trip. But eventually, we arrive at Chicken Tonight and Anthony gives us all fully fried meals of fish and chicken – the fries are something to speak of though.



Back on the road enduring bump after bump after bump. We thought South Carolina had terrible roadway but Jersey and Long Island are even worse. It’s after 11 p.m. and we make it to Hotel Indigo in Riverhead.


I take to the fitness room and run/lift. Enjoying some Green Tea and Pineapple.


Sitting in the lobby on the computer catching up on things.


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