Wednesday March 1 2023


Waking up a few times here and there on the top bunk in the tour bus. At some point it’s my turn to drive the last few hours.


It’s bright and sunny in Florida, as expected to be.


After 12 hours of driving we discover a cool hole in the wall place called The Orange Shop, a little rinky dink place that sells fresh squeezed orange juice and bags of oranges along with old school trinkets. We also find a gang of cats hanging around by the orange crates outside – we attempt to feed them fast food.


We finally receive info on the hotels we’re staying at tonight – checking into a Quality Inn in Hernando, Florida. Napping and showering up.


Then, with Rebecca, Brittany, and Jimmy – we take a walk down the street to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Our waiter is a smooth jovial gay man with slicked back hair – he takes care of us real well – we add his name to the guest list for tomorrow’s show. Enjoying some Spaghetti and Garlic Knots.



Later on, down by the pool we have a t-shirt burrito training session for Brittany to teach her how to fold the merch shirts properly – we make a fun diddy out of it too. Nearby the pool is heated up by the only front desk guy in the hotel. It’s steamy. I lie down on a chair while Jimmy, Rebecca, and Brittany discuss the woes of being asked to hold women’s babies.



I head back to my room to catch up on work at the computer. Rebecca was in the extra room earlier today. Later on, I head over there to discuss something weird that happened when we arrived at the hotel. She still had virtual lessons to teach and I had suggested she do it in the lobby or in one of the extra rooms so I could take a nap. I guess she took it the wrong way and thought I was being selfish for asking. We both felt misunderstand. I was exhausted from driving all day – so was she from being in the bus. So we hash things out and try to come to an understanding.


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