Tuesday March 28 2023

Waking up around 11 a.m.


Blueberries. Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Catching up on business and emails. Driving over to the RV shop to touch base with the mechanics there looking at the bus. Eli, the young dude goes over stuff with me – brief talk with the wife of the owner about how cool Savannah, Georgia is. The people here seem interested in the fact we’re in a band and tour on this bus.


PB&J English Muffin. Chips. Coffee.


Teaching lessons at Music Makers.


Protein Shake.


Catching up on emails and work.


Dinner: Brown Rice Quinoa Spaghetti with Kale, Carrots, and Garlic Bread.

Watching The Consultant (2023).


Chores and work at the computer.


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