Thursday March 2 2023

Waking up at 10:30 a.m. feeling well rested!


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Packing up and driving up the street. Our first gig of the weekend is at Citrus Hills Country Club in the community center. It’s a small place with limited help and stage hands. But we manage with the cramped stage and figure out the best layout.


Cramming a PB&J and Chips for lunch.


After sound check I borrow Ron’s rental car and grab some amazing Iced Coffees and pastries from a local coffee shop up the street.


Showering up at the hotel. Then, we hit the stage for our first show, no intermission really but similar to what we did in Savannah where we shortened the sets.


In between shows I chow down on Tilapia with Pasta, a Salad, and a Cinnamon Roll.


For some reason the second show felt tighter and better, not sure why – I guess we’re all warmed up.



Packing up and loading out. Earlier, Jimmy had a terrible fall on a skateboard before the show and now he’s on crutches unfortunately. So we all have to pitch in and help do the things he would do. I manage getting all the cases packed into the trailer, something Carlos would normally do if he were here.


Then, we hit the road – Wawa stop beforehand – a few hours to the AirBnB.


Arriving at the AirBnB in Melbourne, Florida. It’s a new constructed gated community – super nice and spacious – we all get settled in – a little pool time – then finally lying down in a proper bed.


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