Saturday March 4 2023


Waking up around 10 a.m. bright and early in the Melbourne, Florida AirBnB.


We all hop in the bus/trailer and drive an hour or so down south to Fort Pierce.


After loading into the Sunrise Theatre, we all walk down the block to find food. Sitting at the Sunrise City Café enjoying some well deserved lunch with Brittany, Rebecca, and Jimmy. Discussing in depth some issues in communication while being on tour – some of it gets personal but it’s constructive I think. It’s nice to have non-biased perspectives in the mix. At some point though Rebecca walks out frustrated. One thing I’ve been struggling with is being nice/gentle to people when communicating on stage or in “high octane” environments, which tends to happen often on tour.


Getting the stage set up and doing sound check at some point – it goes mostly well. Without our own light guy it can be challenging and not as involved of a light show like normal.


For dinner, I take a solo jaunt around the block. Taco Dive suits my fancy (Ahi Tuna Tacos with Beans, Rice, and Chips n’ Salsa). Afterwards, I walk closer to the water and find a guy on acoustic guitar wailing on the song “Stand By Me”. His voice is great and worthy of being on a big stage but here he is singing to like three people at a bistro in Fort Pierce. I throw in a few bucks and compliment him on the song. This kind of music reminds me of what truly matters mixed in with a bit of nostalgia. Enjoying a small cup of Gelato from a place called Uncle Carlos’s.



On with the show – it’s a full looking house. First set actually goes really well. But then something happened with Kevin at intermission – a mix of alcohol and being overworked. The second set is sloppy in many spots – at some point he skips Showdown and the encore. Sometimes I’m not sure if the audience notices all the drama we experience on stage. Phil, our sound guy, was pretty embarrassed. But in the end I know the crowd had a good time.



Packing up and loading out.


I drive the bus/trailer back to the AirBnB.


Some of us stay up really late hanging out by the pool drinking and having deep talks about anything and everything.


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