Saturday March 25 2023


Waking up in Augusta, Georgia in a hotel room. We took more of a glorified nap than a real night’s sleep.


Hopping in the bus – Rick drives us the 3.5 hours to Myrtle Beach.


Arriving at The Alabama Theatre. Getting loaded in and setting up the stage.


PB&J English Muffin. Egg. Tea.


Setting up more things and doing sound check.

My dad, his wife, my aunt, and her husband arrive during a song check. We’re able to hang out in the green room over dinner.



Getting dressed up then hopping on the stage to a mostly full house. This place is roaring with energy from the crowd. The show goes really well. Kevin is singing strong and we’re all on point musically.



Doing a meet n greet at the merch booth – all the fans want to take photos of us and give us thousands of compliments.


Back at the hotel, after Rick and I park the bus/trailer I congregate with the family in the lobby over snacks. Pansy got me a big gift bag full of things from the boutique she works at. It’s good to see them and get the chance to connect for a bit.


Settling down in the room.


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