Wednesday March 22 2023

Waking up at the couple of Love’s truck stops. At some point getting really deep sleep...



Dreaming we make a stop at an oversized mall-like truck stop. There’s some kind of pandemic of people turning into three types of zombies, one normal flesh eating kind, another angelic possessed kind, and one evil kind. Don’t ask me – I don’t make the dream rules. After dealing with all of that I make it to the bathroom where Nigel and I have discovered we can attach these Amazon boxes to our feet. I run around the place realizing I can do the moonwalk and suddenly the ability to fly. People start pulling out their phones and shooting video. I’m worried I won’t make it to the bus in time.



Waking up officially at the second Love’s stop. Downing a protein shake and making tea. Rick, our newly recruited driver has been at the wheel this whole time – he’s a nice mild mannered guy Nigel found from New York. This seems to be working out really well.


Most of the day has gone by pretty quickly. We make it to Macon, Georgia – staying at a decent 3 star Best Western close by to most restaurants and things.


Getting freshened up then we all go out to Shogun Japanese Steakhouse up the street. With Rebecca, Jimmy, Brittany, Dan, Rick, Kevin, Edwin, and Casey. We all enjoy sake and plates of sushi, rice, and tempura things.


Back at the hotel getting all settled in. Rebecca and I watch that I Tonya movie. She has a history of ice skating and familiarity with Tonya Harding. It’s nice to have enough time to relax with a movie.


Getting some well deserved sleep.


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