Sunday March 5 2023


Waking up bright and early at 9:30 a.m.


We gotta leave the AirBnB by 10 a.m. Packing up and cramming into the bus. And thus begins our long trek home to Virginia Beach. A total of about 12 hours.


One Love’s Truck Stop after the other. Off and on trying to sleep in the back.


A stop at Florida Citrus World.



At some point we stop at a Culver’s, which turns out to be underwhelming for most people.



While other people drive I stay busy at the computer getting all kinds of stuff done.



Then, it’s my turn to drive the last three hours. Rebecca rides shotgun – we discuss in depth our different personalities after taking one of those tests. I’m an “advocate” while she’s a “defender”. I’ve always thought it was funny how similar and yet different her and I are.


The tour bus rolls in at 2 in the morning to the warehouse – parking, unhitching, and unloading.


At some point I’m finally at home in my own bed feeling relieved.


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