Thursday March 23 2023

Waking up at a decent hour 10 a.m. in Macon, Georgia. I head down to the fitness room where I find Ron burning some calories on the elliptical. Him and I chat for a bit about the latest band drama. Meanwhile, I try to get some runs in.


Oat Bar. Tea.


Driving into downtown to the venue: Grand Opera House, a really rich historic theatre that looks straight out of a Disney movie. One of the venue guys shows us where some of Houdini’s carpenters built this trap door below the stage – pretty cool. There’s also a gargantuan 3rd balcony what they call the Peanut Gallery – back in the day when they had segregated crowds and the “colored” folks had to cram up above in the nosebleed section. Now it’s just the light booth and spot light area.



Setting up the stage and enjoying the fact that I can set up my new piano shell – it looks so much cleaner and more professional.



PB&J English Muffin and an Egg. I brought a toaster this time around. Picking up some Iced Coffee from down the block at a local shop.


Sound check goes unusually long today for some reason – a lot of variables at play with Ed running sound and having a new rack system and strings system.


For dinner we link up at a subpar pizza joint called Fatty’s Pizza – most of us were disappointed but whatever, our bellies are filled.


The show goes really well – it’s nice having the new crew guys, Dan and Rick. They’ve been a big help on this tour.



Packing up and breaking everything down. I do my Tetris thing leading the trailer pack.


Back at the hotel we all congregate in each other’s rooms – Nigel and Ron are watching one of the March Madness college basketball games.


I can finally catch up on life at the computer.


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