Sunday March 26 2023

Waking up bright and early at 9 a.m. at the hotel in Myrtle Beach.


Spending some time with dad and the family over breakfast in the lobby. I give them a tour of the bus and say our goodbyes.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Rick drives us onward to home!


Napping here and there.


We stop at a gas station with a local hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. Some of us order. I resort to a PB&J English Muffin with Coffee and an Orange.


Catching up on computer things.


Later, I pop open some Perrier’s with a squeeze of lemon for Rick and I – we both share travel stories. I love his perspective and attitude on life – overall a very good mannered and pleasant addition to our crew.


We arrive to the warehouse – unhitching and unloading the trailer. Everybody departs and says our goodbyes...until next time.


It’s only 6 p.m. so there’s still plenty of day left to get things done. Unpacking back at home. I’m grateful to see Elvis and so is he. Cleaning things up and enjoying some Fried Rice for dinner.


Catching up on chores and things.


Later on, we have a house meeting with Taha, Aluan, Michael, and myself to address some issues and misunderstandings.


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