Friday March 24 2023

Waking up bright and early at the hotel room in Macon, Georgia. It’s 8:30 a.m. I run a few miles on the treadmill to get the blood flowing.


Breakfast Bar. Banana. Tea.


Then, we all pile in the bus and van. Rick drives us, the bus crew, all the way to Oxford, Alabama. I attempt to sleep on the top bunk but the ride proves to be bumpy and the A/C stops working. Perils of the road.


Arriving much earlier than expected at the Performing Arts Center in downtown Oxford. We account for the time zone change so we’re ahead of schedule, which is a plus. Getting loaded in. Enjoying the generous hospitality downstairs.

PB&J. Egg. Coffee.



Setting up the stage.


Discovering a coffee joint behind the building across the street called Southern Girl Coffee Co., a smaller trailer with literally a couple southern girls running it. I settle down to get some work down on the laptop enjoying the outside small town vibes.



Sound check.


Dinner is served: Salmon, Veggies, Mashed Potatoes, and Rolls.


One of the staff guys shows Mike, Ron, and I the old jail cell they’ve kept in good condition from long ago.


We do our two set show to an absolute full house tonight – no intermission. Just song after song. Everybody is so thrilled to see this music – we spend a long time at meet n greet getting photos with fans and signing autographs.



Packing up and loading out. Sometimes it’s stressful but we always have plenty of help.


Rick drives us the 3 hour night drive to the hotel. Sleeping on and off.


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