Saturday April 1 2023

Waking up around 10 a.m.


Running real quick on the treadmill in the fitness room.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


We all pile into the bus and I drive us to The Suffolk Theatre in Riverhead. There, figuring out how to load everything in. It’s a smaller stage than usual and we have to load in through the front. Nigel, of course, commands the chaos – sometimes he creates unnecessary stress where it doesn’t need to be. At any rate, we get situated and set everything up.


Enjoying some Hard Boiled Eggs with a Veggie Sandwich and Quinoa.


Ian Chinworth, from the ABBA band I played with at Halloween, is playing bass for the first time tonight. Getting him acclimated.


After sound check I discover a cute little sushi joint called Haiku Sushi a couple blocks down the street. I go solo – while working on computer stuff I enjoy some of the best Tuna Sushi ever with Edamame, Bok Choy, Miso Soup, and Green Tea Mochi.



Back at the venue setting up the camera then suiting up.

On stage now. The crowd up front doesn’t seem as enthusiastic as the rest of the house and the stage is real tight quarters. But we put on a good show. It’s Nigel’s birthday tomorrow so we sing the song right before encore.



After meet & greet clearing out the venue and packing up the stage. Right before we’re about to load up we discover the bus will not start. It’s just one thing after the other. We attempt to jump start battery but it won’t crank over. So we have to get Ron to drive the van back from the hotel to here – switch trailer to van – then load. We all hit the bed and we’ll make a plan tomorrow morning.


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