Thursday April 13 2023

Waking up at 11 a.m. in this amazing loft apartment in Lexington, Michigan. The whole band and crew are staying here right above the venue.


Rebecca and I take a stroll around the block to grab some coffee from a local spot. Breakfast bar to go with for me.


Loading and setting up the stage at the Village Theatre. It’s a real nice intimate theatre. It’s a lot of work figuring out the system and getting everything ready.


PB&J English Muffin. Eggs. Pineapple. Coffee.


Sound check then getting ready.


We have to play two shows tonight, one at 6:00 and one at 8:30. They serve us dinner in between. Enjoying Salmon with Veggies and Fries.



After the second show we do a meet and greet with the fans – there’s always so many compliments. People talk about how they saw the original ELO back in the 70’s and how we do the songs justice.



Later on, back up in the loft, we all gather in the den and kitchen snacking and enjoying each other’s company. I encourage a game of Texas Hold’em. $5 buy-in’s. We play for hours. It’s a real good time. Chris ends up winning the pot at the end of the night.



Everyone is fast asleep while I clean up the place and prep things for tomorrow.


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