Friday April 21 2023

Waking up bright and early at Mohegan Sun in Montville, Connecticut. August drove the Tahoe all through the night.


Checking into the rooms and napping as long as we can till it’s time for load in at 11 a.m.


Meeting the stage hands and getting everything on the stage.


Eating a nice lunch at some point and scoring some free Starbucks coffee.


Setting up takes a bit longer since it’s such a big arena stage – many, many moving parts.



At some point I leave the chaos and shower up in my room – taking a much needed nap. Meanwhile, August is there but goes out to explore the casino.


Back at the stage for sound check. Nigel of course is unintentionally causing chaos trying to set up go pro cameras while simultaneously knocking my vocoder over. We play through about 5 songs for Phil the FOH. Then, dinner back stage.


I retrieve more of my belongings from the hotel room and notice an enormous line formed to get into the arena. Little do we know the original 7,000 in attendance show would turn into a 10,000. Security is upped because of it.



It’s wild to be up on that stage seeing the sea of people out in the arena. During our performance whenever they cheer it’s a monstrous roar. Everything goes great – even Edwin – he’s filling in on guitar for Mike.



Doing a meet and greet, which requires an escorted secret passage to merch. It’s kind of odd though cause people just stand there taking pictures of us but at some point they start leading fans to us to sign autographs.


Then, we have to high tail it on the stage packing up the gear. It’s of course chaotic with all the venue crew doing various things around us. But eventually, we hit the road in our Tahoe rental. August drives me, Rebecca, Ron, and Chris all the way home to VB. I try my best to sleep in the back but it’s always tough in a moving vehicle.


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