Wednesday April 26 2023


Waking up every 2-3 hours or so at a truck stop. We all sleep like cats on this tour bus cause we have to wake up every time we stop essentially.


We make it to Iowa City at some point. I have to pick up a rental car from an Enterprise. Jimmy drives it to Des Moines airport to pick up the old dudes that took flights.


Meanwhile, we make a longer food stop at a Panda Express for lunch – we’re able to charge “Ra”, our power inverter for the bus.



Bob continues to drive us towards our destination. I hole up in the back catching up on emails and work.


Eventually, we arrive in Mason City, Iowa. The trip as a whole cost us a grand total of 27 hours of travel time. It’s kind of crazy to think about. Getting settled into our rooms.


Then, Rebecca, Micah, and I hit up Culver’s across the street for dinner. Enjoying amazing fries and custards. We get to know Micah pretty good talking about all the lighting director work he’s done and how excited he is to join this tour.



Back at the hotel – chilling with the boys (Mike, Micah, and Jimmy) in their room for a while laughing about whatever.


Later on, I take brisk cold walk to a Kwik Star, about a mile down the street for Orange Juice.


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