Thursday April 27 2023


Waking up off and on throughout the morning – the sound of the train horn goes off like every 15 minutes for some reason. It’s as if the trains are playing Pong – back and forth.


Eventually, we awaken. Hitting up the local coffee shop called Jitters. Enjoying a “cup of joe” while some reggae music plays on the stereo.



Driving over to North Iowa Area Community College. They have an auditorium where we’ll be performing tonight.


Loading in and setting up the stage – for some reason tensions seem to be high. Nigel’s high strung running around micro managing everything under the sun and chugging Red Bulls.


Making an Egg, Veggie, and Hummus Sandwich for lunch.


Sound check.


Dinner: Chicken, Veggies, and Cake.


Performance goes well. Good energy as usual.



Packing up and loading out.


Back at the hotel reconvening in Mike and Jimmy’s room laughing at all the funny moments of the day and the bad moments of the day.


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