Tuesday April 25 2023


Waking up at 9:30 a.m. bright and early.


Protein Shake. Tea.


Gotta drive the bus all the way over to Superior Trailer to get a new hitch and ball to connect to new trailer. We had to coordinate Carson driving the van to meet up at the same time. I help him connect the trailer. Then, Dan is here also installing Nigel’s computer box in his seat. I talk to Phil, the trailer mechanic about all the ins and outs of the new trailer – so much info.


Then, back home. I have so much to still pack and take care of before we depart for tour. It seems like time just ticks away incessantly and I can’t keep up.


Finally I’m all loaded into the bus and linking up with the crew at the warehouse. We got a new light guy for this tour, Micah, and bus driver, Bob (appropriately named).


In route towards Iowa.


Bob drives most of the day late into the night while the rest of try to cat nap our way through the trip. I work at the computer catching up on emails and such.


At some point after the 5th or so gas stop, I lie down in the back on the futon and attempt to sleep.



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