Sunday April 30 2023

With my noise cancelling ear buds and eye mask I stay cooped up in my window seat on the plane. One layover in Chicago then to Norfolk. I think slept some but my neck is killing me.


Dave, Megan’s dad, picks me up from the airport and brings me to the truck at Music Makers.


Back home. Elvis is glad to see me. Him and I take a much needed nap.


Eggs. Toast. Tea.


Running errands in the pouring rain. Apparently, a tornado hit Shore Drive. Meanwhile, I’m just getting groceries at Whole Foods and some gear ties at Lowe’s.


Banana. Granola. Coffee.


Catching up on things at the computer.


Pasta and Salad for dinner.

Watching All Quiet on the Western Front (2022).


Chores and things.


Sleep at some point.

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