Sunday April 2 2023


Waking up at 10 a.m. in Riverhead, New York.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


The bus is still having troubles so a few of us decide to stay behind and attempt to fix. Most of us pile into the van/trailer all cramped like sardines. Mike and Ron do all the driving.


Stopping here and there but we don’t waste too much time cause Mike has a rehearsal later this evening. We chat a lot to pass the time – I put on the footage from last night to critique through.


In the front row I’m drowning in cables and bags. But it’s fine – I put up with it cause we have no choice. I do get tired of hearing all the complaints and negativity – although a healthy amount of venting can be helpful.


We finally make it back to VB. Dropping people off at Nigel’s. Jimmy, Rebecca, and I get the van to warehouse and unload the trailer.


Then, finally at home. Unpacking and making a quick dinner.


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