Wednesday April 12 2023


Stuck on the ELO tour bus – attempting to sleep off and on – trying to ignore the insane bumps along the way, which is almost impossible to do.


Protein Shake. Tea. Fruit.


The bus keeps trucking along – it’s so very hot cause the A/C is still not working at all. We put on a bunch of fans and sweat it out.



PB&J English Muffin. Tea. Fruit.


Eventually we make it to Lexington, Michigan. We’re staying above the venue we’re playing at tomorrow, a spacious loft AirBnB style joint – so many rooms. They typically use this for weddings and events but they’re letting us house ourselves here for the next two nights.


Showering up and getting settled in.


Lake Huron is just a walk down the block. With Rebecca, Ed, Casey, Kevin, and Rick. We take a stroll along the rocky pier that takes you out on the water. Unlike the crashing waves of the ocean this body of water is silent and peaceful. I climb all over the rocks and we have a nice outing.



Walking back up the block we find a place called Steis’s Village Inn, a local hole in the wall joint with a late night menu. We order martinis and pizza. Leon catches up with us after he gets into town.



Back at the loft we continue drinking and socializing in the kitchen – juggling with the decorative balls – analyzing time signatures in songs – playing Heads Up – fiddling with cards. Honestly, this is the perfect way to start the weekend before we go to work.


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