Saturday April 29 2023


Waking up bright and early at 7 a.m.


We all pile into the bus – Bob drives us towards Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Meanwhile, there’s some dispute on whether we should idle the bus since we lost the tailpipe to the muffler – some are worried the fumes are getting to the cabin.



Sleeping in the back till we arrive in downtown. We’re playing the Marcus Center tonight. This place is like a maze with 5 other events going on in other theaters and halls.


Setting up the stage and getting situated in the dressing rooms. For some reason today there’s just too many things to do – I make some repairs on Willow, one of our cases – drilling in a cup holder for Nigel on the bus – and of course setting up my keyboard rig and such.


A few stressful moments between Rebecca and the “grumpy’s” or the “soccer dads” as we lovingly call Mike, Ron, Phil, and Leon. Rebecca gets a bit flustered cause they didn’t park where they were instructed to. The dynamic between her and the older gentlemen isn’t always good. I hate to see her get overwhelmed in moments like these.


A few of us take our dinner buy-outs and walk down the street to a place called Proof Pizza. It takes a long time to get our food but worth the wait.


Showtime at 7:30. We do our two sets to a lively audience as usual. The theater itself is really tall with four levels of balconies.



Packing up and loading out.


Bob drives us back to the hotel after a directional mix-up. He’s tired from driving all afternoon and morning.


Relaxing in the hotel room with Rebecca recapping today and eating leftover pizza and cannolis.


Later on, downstairs in the lobby I chill out until it’s time for the shuttle bus to take me to the airport. I have a flight to catch at 5:20 a.m.


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