Saturday July 7 2012


Waking up around 10 a.m.

Stephanie scoops me up at the house and we start our drive to Richmond for The Vaginasaurs show.

Coffee. Apricots. Figs.

Anytime we take this trip it’s inevitable: Stephanie will have to pee as soon as we get out of the tunnel. And of course there are no convenient exits or gas stations nearby, especially once we reach Williamsburg. It’s at least a five-mile trek off the interstate. We find a quaint little colonial shopping plaza with a restroom. Afterwards, I start semi-bitching to her and sarcastically overreacting to the setback.

She responds, “You’re acting like a girl.”

Me: “Um. I’m not the one that had to pee at the most inconvenient place on the interstate.”


We’re in her brand new Prius, which is getting almost 50 miles per gallon. I feel like we’re in a space pod. Talking here and there about this and that.


Her: “When you’re not productive it feels like you’re on drugs or something.”


Me: “I don’t want anyone else to have the upper hand on my heart right now.”


Snacking on a Peanut Sandwich on Rye Bread.


Coming across at least three different accidents that cause major traffic.

We arrive at Sarah’s house in Richmond.

Rehearsing through the set in her basement.

Sarah has an appointment so Stef and I ride to Diversity thrift store and browse for cool finds.


Then we relax at The Village Café off West Grace Street, right across from the venue.

Hummus Plate and a Dr. Pepper.

Wesley happens to be visiting in Richmond so he stops by. Babe scoping out the window.


At Strange Matter. Setting up to play. The Vaginasaurs go on first. I decline to wear the usual dress while playing drums because of the heat. The green wig will do. We play through our surf garage pop jams and are well received by the masses it seems.


Drinking down a pitcher offered to us free of charge. Observing the crowd: summer attire Richmond fiends, cut-off shorts, tattered T’s, and patched up jean jackets. The other female fronted bands perform after us, Slutever and Tacocat. It’s a fun show with a successful turnout of kids.


Afterwards, we make friends with the bands and share some food and drink at the bar.
Scoffing down a Lentil Burger and French Fries at the bar while Stef and I converse with Lelah, the drummer of Tacocat.


We migrate to Sarah’s house where all the bands are supposed to be sleeping at. Lelah and I are delegated to go on a beer run. I attempt to drive Stephanie’s Prius for the first time. It’s an adventure.


Lelah and I return with the beer but move out to the front porch shortly after. We sit down on the brick steps and share a clove. The friendly neighborhood cat focuses on a flying insect – jumping and running with a hunter’s intent. The crickets chirping and other unknown summer creatures making strange noises. The heat thickening the air. We’re lost in talk – thoroughly engaged in each other’s stories and thoughts. There’s something in the way we converse that just clicks and makes the interaction whole. Her life is in Seattle. Mine in Virginia Beach. Finding similarities in our individual roles at home. She’s 28. I’m 27. Someone that understands. 

Me: “Your drumming was really sexy.”

Throughout the conversation I keep randomly bombarding her with these compliments. And she reacts gratefully every time with a big smile.

I blurt it out of nowhere...halfway interrupting her...

“I really want to kiss you.”

She pauses and smiles real big...

Her: “I knew you were going to say that.”

Me: “How did you know that? You could probably read it on my face.”

Then...she reaches in and smacks her lips on mine before I even have the chance to think about it. I lean back but accept the gesture.

I breathe out an, “Oh.”

Her: “Is that okay?”

Me: “Oh yeah. Totally.”

I reach in myself and instigate more kisses.

Her: “I feel like I’m in middle school again.”

Me: “Yeah. Me too.”


Me: “Do you ever think that everything’s in some cosmic way?”


Back in the house, Stephanie and I say our goodbyes to the group. Lelah gives me her number.

On the drive back to Virginia Beach. I inform Stephanie about what just went down. She gets almost more excited about it than me.

Her: “Oh my gaaaa! I can’t believe it. You kissed the drummer of Tacocat. That’s too kewt!”

I feel extremely uplifted and high-spirited while at the wheel but careful not to blow it up more than its worth. This was a one-time deal most likely. However I’m not completely closed off to the idea of something growing.

Me: “I mean, even if nothing comes of this it was a good experience.”


Finally back home.

Showering. Settling down.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] Show flyer by Gwen Gold.
[ii] The Village Café. Image by Stephanie.
[iii] Strange Matter images by me.

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