Friday July 13 2012


12:37 p.m. Waking up. Tara’s beside me.

Me: “Are you tired anymore?”

Her: “Not really. Just being lazy.”

Me: “Do you remember what happened last night?

Her: “Haha. Yeah I came back here and you seduced me.”

Me: “Seduced you? Ha. I guess I did.”


We arise from the bed.

Me: “Are you horny right now?”

Her: “A little bit.”

Me: “Cause I am.”

And I instigate a quick sex scene.

Making French Toast for us. Drinking Milk and Orange Juice to go along with it.

Cleaning up the downstairs and making repairs on the TV tower. I’ve got all six up and running again.

Egg Sandwich with Mayonnaise and Tomato. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Honey Oolong Tea.

Watching Meet Joe Black (1998).

The Show n Smell music troupe arrives...reigning from Pennsylvania.

Barbecue Garlic Salmon with and Indian Side Dish and Broccoli.

Shortly after, the kids arrive too. It’s a full house, packed to the brim. We’ve reached capacity. Show n Smell performs a small set of an experimental kind using mixers, keyboards, guitars, and drum loop gadgets. Rusty’s band, Trust Fall plays next. Then, a group called Stereo Cult goes on. And Playground Runaround. The Nerdlucks. And a yo-yo expert. Then, comedy poetry. And so the night goes. The backyard is littered with conversation and cigarettes. The house is full of wine and charm. 

Through email Anthony requested I make an announcement before he makes his grand arrival. So I speak into the microphone, “Please do not come outside if you're an expectant mother, prone to epileptic seizures or have a pre-existing heart condition. Also, don't come outside if you don't want to get wet and sticky...that's what she said.” And so I gather all the kids out front. We wait. People get scared. Some stay behind. And then we hear a car stereo thumping something jovial and loud. A vehicle slowly rides through the parking lot and we watch as roman candles and other fireworks of the like go off shooting over the rooftops. Anthony, Skippy, and Josh jump out the car and toss bucketfuls of candy and silly string everywhere. Our LIVE facilitator has returned. My brother. Dean  Moriarty. Anthony. We exchange a firm and warm hug and the rest of the night’s shenanigans continue...

Because of the fireworks and the noise in the neighborhood we are greeted by a female police officer that lays down the law but is very understanding. We’re left with a warning. 


We gather a crowd and transfer the celebration to The Friends School playground. Rope Swing. Monkey Bars. Acrobats. It’s late hours recess and we are the children of the night.

Settling down from all the night’s madness.

A small bowl of Frosted Toast Crunch.

Sleep close after 4 a.m.

[i] All Show N Tell images by me.

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