Tuesday March 16 2021


Ana and I wake up around noon in the Super 8 hotel in Lantana, Florida.


Driving over to a vegan bakery she wanted to check out called Blondie’s. Enjoying an Empanada and some Donuts.


Checking out a Goodwill thrift store nearby. She gets super excited about buying these new black and red leather cowboy boots. At first I sway her not to buy them since they’re $50. But it’s apparent she truly needs them – her heart is set! In the end it was a good decision.


Then, checking out Palm Beach Zoo on a whim. We only have an hour and a half to kill before sound check. It was a perfect move. Strapping on our cowboy hats and strolling through the zoo – flamingos, ducks, egrets, black bears, koalas, tigers, panthers, etc. They have it all!





At the Duncan Theater in Palm Beach State College setting up the stage for sound check. It’s A New World Record’s second show of the week.


Ana and I go back and forth between here and the hotel. Eating some Black Bean Burgers the venue provided for us.


On with the show – things go pretty well. This time they didn’t want us to do any kind of intermission so we fly right through both sets. Sometimes the lyrics to these songs allude us tonight and we have a few hiccups but the more we play this week the more fine tuned we’re gonna be.



Afterwards, hanging out in the green room with the band/crew. Ana and I decide to hit up that Dada restaurant again and get some more of that hummus board and fries.


Back at the hotel settling down.


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