Monday March 15 2021


Ana and I wake up off and on throughout the morning to the sound of a rooster next door.

“He only knows one song,” Ana laughs.

It’s quite a different way to wake up than we’re used to.


Sipping on Tea and eating a breakfast bar.


Cleaning up our area in the Bartow house and gearing up to leave.


Ana takes the wheel and drives us down south towards to the Everglades. There are long stretches with no gas station in sight. We take advantage of one off the wall stop in the middle of a neighborhood. Fueling up the car – and then our bodies with PB&J’s, Chips, and Apples.


Driving east on highway 41, known as the original alligator alley. We take a detour through an unpaved loop road that turns out to be a perfect alternative to hiking (since we’re getting close to evening time). Right in the heart of Big Cypress National Preserve it almost feels like the Great Dismal Swamp except...there’re alligators! Almost every little break in the brush we’re able to spot a gator and about a thousand herons, egrets, and vultures. We constantly stop and try to capture it on our phones. I’ve never been that close to a gator before. They’re quite chill.



Driving more to the east side all the way up to West Palm Beach area.


Arriving at another Super 8 hotel – this one is a step down for sure. It almost reminds me of a dingy spot at the VB oceanfront. Grimy carpets and smelly rooms. But whatever – we can’t be picky on tour sometimes. Having a certain amount of tolerance is important when traveling.


Ana finds a cool spot for dinner on Google Maps called Dada, a Salvador Dali inspired Mediterranean restaurant. It’s absolutely perfect for us. Hummus plate, Crispy Cauliflower, Salmon, Tikki Masala, etc. This is a much needed gastronomical relief.




Later on, back at the hotel. Ana and I settle in. Making fire before we drift off into lalaland.

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