Monday March 22 2021


Ana and I wake up in the last hotel room of our trip. We stopped in Yemasee, South Carolina to get a good night’s rest before finishing our road trip home.


Fueled up on some breakfast bars and tea I take the first shift up I-95.


We listen to some TED Talks on how to be a better human and have constructive conversations.


Stopping by South of the Border and actually visiting some of the stores and area. Old painted cartoonish statues of animals stand throughout the site. Buying a few memorabilia and eating a quick PB&J lunch.




Back on the road with Ana at the wheel.


We’re both very eager to get home! I stay productive on the computer in the passenger seat getting all the MMLIVE photos uploaded, which can be such a pain sometimes especially with Facebook.


Coffees keep us fueled up for the rest of the drive.


We make it back to our humble abode at 1435. Elvis, with his big eyes, looks just as confused but relieved as ever to see us. We bring our stuff in then head straight back out to eat.


Trying out Shadowlawn Eats down at the beach for dinner cause none of the other local fav spots are open on a Monday. We definitely discover our new favorite place. Having some cocktails. Tuna Sandwich with Fries and Avocado.


At home unpacking everything and organizing – getting acclimated back to our VB lives. It was nice being gone for over a week but even nicer to be back.


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