Sunday March 14 2021

Waking up just before check out time at 11 a.m.


Ana and I pack up our million things and lug it downstairs to the car. We make the mistake of grabbing some cold brews from Starbucks. I’m told they’re super busy down here in Florida. We actually end up waiting for 30 minutes essentially. The guy at the front warned us but we had no idea. We watch as disgruntled people wait patiently for their lattes.


Hitting the road east of Clearwater. Linking up with the band crew at Parkesdale Farm Market where they have world famous strawberry shortcakes. It’s also quite a big farmer’s market with people from all over visiting.


Then, driving to the Bartow house, my mom’s old house and currently belongs to me. Jimmy, my former stepdad and Grandma Carr, live here now. The cat, Baby, provides plenty of entertainment.



Out on the lanai we unearth Grandma Carr’s old acoustic Gibson guitar that was given to her in the 50’s. I spend some time getting it in tune again. She doesn’t even remember the last time she played it but we manage to get her to strum some chords while Ana and I jam along. It’s a good ole’ time and I know she enjoyed it.



Later, Ana and I drive out to downtown Bartow in search of a park to exercise in. We find one with a basketball court and playground. Shooting the ball around and swinging on the swing set. A few kids mingle with us. The Florida sun is not something we’re used to at all – feeling really exhausted the both of us.



Back at the Bartow house I cook a big one pot dish of Cabbage, Potatoes, and Onions – Chicken Sausage on the side. Enjoying it at the table with Ana, Jimmy, and Grandma Carr. Opening up a bottle of Red Wine too.


Settling in for the night I sit out on the lanai in the back of the house catching up on things on the computer. Also, thinking about my mom. When she lived here back in the early 2010’s I used to come visit many times and hang back here. Her and I would take walks around the neighborhood and talk about everything.




Ana and the cat, Baby, start snoozing. I decide to take a night walk around the neighborhood. I just wanna listen to Clair De Lune and try to tap into the little memories of mom. There’s a moment where I truly feel her wrapping her arms around me – it almost feels like it’s God’s arms also but more likely a composite of both cause that’s where she is now...with him. The love and tenderness is familiar. Over the past year I’ve, in a way, tried to avoid tapping into the memories too deeply – I guess cause I’m afraid it’ll all come flooding out. Even though I’ve always been at peace about her being gone it’s still a reality I have to acclimate to.

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