Saturday March 13 2021

Ana and I wake up around 10:40 a.m. to an unfamiliar room. A window AC unit blasts right above our heads. Swinging open the curtains letting in the hot bright Florida sun. Surrounded by an array of plants, some that can only be seen down south. This little bungalow in The Shamrock Historic Inn is the best first night we could ask for.



Eating some Protein Bars and grabbing cold brew coffees from Starbucks down the street. A comical moment happened as we were walking out. Ana’s holding both coffees and attempts to hand me mine at the same moment I raise my arm to pull my sunglasses down. We almost drop them but she manages to save them. At first we both get mad at each other but laugh hard about it later on.


Hitting the road – about a two hour trip from Ocala to Clearwater. It’s so beautiful here enough that the traffic isn’t as annoying.



Playing at the Ruth Eckerd Hall, the first of a week’s worth of shows for A New World Record. Setting up on the big stage – getting through sound check.


There’s a lot going on backstage. Nigel runs around organizing all the people to do certain tasks. Ana and Morgan, Ron’s daughter, help get all the food orders in.


Dinner: Grouper, Broccoli, Pasta, and Garlic Bread.


Hopping on the stage and doing our thing – two 45 minute sets of all ELO’s greatest hits. There’s always a few hiccups and foul ups here and there but overall we always manage to shine through!



Finally checking into the hotel for the night – Super 8, a bit of a step down in some ways compared to last night. It almost feels like Virginia Beach vibes. Ana and I settle into our own room. Meanwhile, some of the crew is getting hammered down the hall. Catching up on the footage we got for the day. We’re able to make fire for a long while – very much needed.




Losing an hour of sleep cause of daylight savings but enjoying our big king size bed.

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