Thursday March 18 2021


Ana and I wake up just before noon in the coziest hotel bed on this tour.


We drive into downtown Jacksonville and find a hip part of town called Riverside. There’s a somewhat famous alley known as graffiti alley where taggers are given free reign.



Finding a big antique store with all kinds of goodies – it’s easy to get lost in it. Then, we find a place called Crane Ramen that blows it out of this world. Everything we have is delicious.


Over at the venue, Moran Theatre, right by the water. Setting up and doing sound check.


A decent dinner buffet is served and then we’re on stage performing our ELO sets – probably the best audience we’ve had so far, lively and a full house.



After the show gets packed up we take a walk along St. John’s River. She gets scared going over bridges but we do it anyway. It’s a beautiful windy night with a clear sky and the glow of the crescent moon looming over us.



Settling back in at the hotel.

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