Wednesday March 17 2021


Waking up at 10:30 a.m.


Ana and I are finally leaving the Super 8. Checking out The French Bakery for some Breakfast Bars, Croissants, and Coffee. It’s a perfect little spot – birds and lizards run around looking for crumbs.


Before we head out we go through West Palm Beach and drive by the Mar-a-Lago where Trump lives – lot of security but a lot of nothing going on. We scream out the window on our way out! While leaving I read about a disgruntled veteran who threw a smoke bomb over the fence just a few days ago – something about not getting his stimulus check yet.


Ana takes the wheel and drives us to Jacksonville. She points out how the skies are always clear – not one drop of rain has fallen since we’ve been here.


In the city checking into the Wyndham Hotel right in the middle of corporate center. Even though this is definitely an upgrade compared to the last hotel we find out the fitness center and pool are closed due to Covid.


Dying to move our legs we immediately drive towards the beach in search of a park. We find one with a basketball court and shoot around. Nearby, a boy’s soccer team is having practice. Another dude is shooting a ball around – he asks to borrow a hair tie (his hair is long like mine). Ana finds a blue scrunchie I kept in my backpack that belonged to my mom. We end up letting him keep it and I’m okay with that – a piece of my mom’s generosity given to a stranger.


Scoping out Jax Beach – it almost feels like Virginia Beach but more palm trees.



Showering up back at the hotel and heading out in search for dinner. We find a place called True Food Kitchen. Even though it’s in the middle of a maze of corporate development it turns out to be amazing. Edamame Dumplings are a hit along with other decent sides. Sipping on purple sparkling Yerba Mate’s.


Back at the hotel – doing some laundry and cleaning up.


I turn on a color screen for the computer to set the mood and she wears a nice black dress. Making fire, something we’ve been doing a lot of lately since we’ve been out of town.


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