Sunday March 7 2021


Waking up around noon. Not feeling 100%, kind of achy throughout my body. It’s weird cause it seems like I always get like this the same time every year. I pop a few pain relievers and power through cause the show must go on.


Ana made us Blueberry Waffles and Tea.


Catching up on business and things.


Today’s the big day for the MMLIVE show – at Elevation 27 Ana helps me load in the gear. They’re just finishing up EDM brunch. Later on, Devon helps me set up the stage – there’s always so much to do and 2 hours goes by like that before its show time.


We got 4 bands total and one solo act. I’m of course running around making sure cords and mics are in place. And as always I’m very proud of everyone’s performance. We got a lot of feedback pointing out how tight this show in particular was – all the bands really stepped up to the plate. One of the bands even used fake blood pills for their KISS cover. Ana lead sang on a few songs with the band jam boys, Modern Day Warrior. The whole thing was a success I’d say. Not to mention we sold out (Covid restrictions and all).


Afterwards, Devon and Ana help me load the gear back to the studio, which is conveniently located a couple blocks away.


Back home Ana and I warm up a hodge podge of leftovers for dinner. Meanwhile, Roland and Jenna pop in to discuss David Lynch films.


Later on, I’m back at the studio organizing all the music gear back in place.


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