Wednesday December 14 2011


Waking up around noon. My roommate, Elisa, needs a ride to the mall for work. I brace the hellish traffic for 30 minutes then return to the sleepy hot body in my bed. Affectionate gestures exchanged and cute phrases spoken.

She leaves...

Downstairs, Darren and Josiah are making eggs and sandwiches. I join them at the table for small talk and breakfast.

Eating a Fruit and Nut Bar, a Banana, and an Egg with Orange Juice.

Josiah: “Sex is so personal in this state [Virginia]! It’s frustrating.” He’s always romanticizing the sexual philosophy and behavior in New York compared to here in our small town.

Darren: “There’s one thing I learned about hopes and should just give them up...right now.”

Quick trip to Target with Margot. Browsing for Christmas presents with her, mostly being Hello Kitty themed, and picking up bulk toilet paper.

I find myself overwhelmingly sexually charged today and yesterday. One thing I’ve realized is that whenever Margot does sleep over I can’t masturbate and she doesn’t really offer any sexual satisfaction because we haven’t been sexually active and I guess her and I both are reluctant too.

Back home.

Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Potato Chip Trio. Honey Green Tea.

Organizing files.

Darren cooks up a storm in the kitchen. Potential new roommate, Amanda McClaskey, shows up with her family to check out the place...good vibes.

Stephanie and Darren occupy my room for a while...

Discussing the sexual energy we gauge in others around us.

Darren: “I like skinny girls who are naked.”


The depressing realization that “we hang out with people who aren’t doing anything [with their lives].”


Stef: “I love Darren. He’s so reaaaaaal.”


Entertaining ideas.

Darren: “I feel like if I had the money to get out of America I would leave. I would get the fuck out.”


Darren: “Consumerism is about money and status.”

Sharing Marbled Mocha Bread.

Salmon with Couscous and Squash & Zucchini.

We trek to James Graves’s new place, which happens to be way out in the southwestern part of Virginia Beach. Art and Darren in my car. Josiah and Stephanie in another car. Art’s in the passenger seat discussing the workaholic nature of the Chinese. I’m joking around about the affections for Cecily in my dreams. We arrive at the three-story townhouse. Dezi, a church friend of mine from back in the day, lives here too. It’s probably been at least 10 years since we’ve seen one another. Upon sight she immediately jumps out of her bed and attacks me in the hallway, “ROOOBERT!!!” It’s amazing to reconnect with someone from your teenage years and see how much they’ve changed or not changed, but definitely grown and matured. Stef orders pizza. Sharing Mike’s Hard Blueberry Lemonades. Chillin’ in James’s loft room on the third floor. Amanda and him are touching up a flyer for a show that James designed. Art picks up a sword and poses.

Leaving. On the way back—just Art and I—we share a Black & Mild with the windows shut—shootin’ the shit about this and that.

Back at the house I challenge Art to a few games of NBA Jam, just like old times. Hooking up the Sega and going at it. I win 2. He wins 1.

[Text message]

Margot: “I like spending time with you.”

Practicing piano.

A bowl of Cheerios with Brown Sugar.

Sleep 4:20 a.m.

[i] Art and James’s Sword. Image by me.

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