Sunday December 25 2011


DREAM: I’m a runaway in Germany. On a motorcycle zooming through the countryside on dirt/gravel roads—sometimes through neighborhoods. Everything is foreign. The terrain unfamiliar. A gang of other motorcyclists track me down. A helicopter overhead. But I’m too fast and agile. Later on I hook up with an entourage of bandits who have the same reasons to run. An officer of the law joins our brigade to test us and see if we slip up any information. Sitting around a table. I’m conscious of what I say being careful not to mention anything related to the fact that we’re renegades and not just travelers.

Waking up a little late for work. 12:18 p.m.

Banana. Orange Juice.

It’s a China Wok Christmas for me this weekend. Just another workday.

It’s busy. Non-stop. The tips are either really shitty or very generous.

Quotes from customers...

“I can’t believe you guys are open for Christmas!”

“Thank you for being open!”

One guy off Lynnhaven Parkway hands me a dollar bill as a tip and says, “Sorry. But Merry Christmas though.” Oh that’s real thoughtful of you. Order $20 worth of Chinese food then act like you can’t afford to tip the guy who just trekked over here on Christmas day.

During my hectic delivery travels...certain songs come up on my iPod that strike familiar chords in the memories of my heart...memories of a fond friendship lost. It seems like a lifetime has past since I’ve even allowed a genuine thought to creep up. And there you are peeking through the recesses of my mind for at least three and a half minutes. Then it’s back to the grind...

Just when I think it’s over, another bagged order is waiting for me at the restaurant. C’mon, it’s 10:30! I want out of here!

Stephanie threw a Christmas party at her place. I was going to attend and bring Margot but I knew I didn’t have interest in social stimulation. I’d rather relax and chill with my eyes glued to a movie.


Heading to Margot’s place in Bay Colony. Cracking open a beer while I’m driving...even as at least four cops pass me along the way. I was tired of waiting for that moment of resolution when the bubbly liquid soothes my senses.

In the den. Chowing down on Vegetable Lo Mein and a few Miller High Life’s. Watching TRON: Legacy (2010).

Eating some of her Grandma’s homemade Pumpkin Raisin Bread.

Back home.

Honey Milk.

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Santa Claus. Wakiki Beach, Honolulu.

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