Friday December 9 2011


DREAM: In the woods approaching the entrance to a place where an unstudied alien race is being held or has their base set up. Kenneth, my former landlord’s son, has taken the role of guarding it. Sloshing in the lake nearby—he’s armed with bow and arrows.

I call him out, “Kenneth!”

He’s been alerted and starts aiming his bow at random. He doesn’t recognize it’s my voice.

Me: “Kenneth! It’s Rob!”

I carefully peek my head around the corner. His multiple arrows pointed in my face. I place my hands over them.

Me: “Hey, man. It’s me.”


Nostalgic feelings towards my mom and dad. Missing.

Waking up around 1:30 p.m.

Orange Juice. Zinc.

Google work.

Darren takes an opportunity to bitch to me about all the problems in the house.

Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Potato Chip Trio. Mango Green Tea.

Watching Harsh Times (2005).

German Spice Cookies.

I get called into China Wok for a few hours.


Shitake Mushroom and Tofu with Rice and Mixed Vegetables.

Editing on Ableton.

Stephanie drops by. Chatting in my room about the push and pull effect in veteran romantic relationships—the constant deliberate behavior that one acts out in order to leave the other person wanting. We heard through the grapevine there’s a hotel party somewhere at the beach.

We head to The Seagull Inn on Atlantic and 27th. It’s pretty low key, not too many people. Will “Huberdude”, Elliott, Josiah, Courtney Gannon (Josiah’s longtime ex-girlfriend whom neither of us have seen in years), and two other girls from William & Mary. Soft music on someone’s MacBook. Sharing PBR’s and good times... 

Afterwards...we hop into Stef’s clunky yellow 85’ Mercedes, all still happily buzzed off the beer. I’m at the wheel via Stef’s discretion. Old car smell. Free spirits. Brisk hearts. Positive flow. Phantom speaker. An Arcade Fire song on the stereo. We’re loud. We’re high. Josiah pokes out of the sunroof, beer in hand, holding strong against the cold wind. It feels like a movie or a music video and alas, we’re being filmed by our memories. I look over to Stephanie to reassure her, “These are our lives, Stef...”

Our hazy time travel leads us to Rick’s Café. Eating Apple Pie with Coffee. Josiah is enamored with one of the waitresses, Megan Marker, whom we both know from shows back in the day. She’s married now with twins...but he’s a little drunk and high on life...and convinced her voice is amazing, which I don’t disagree with.

He announces across the room to her, “This is beyond my obvious crush on you. I believe in you. You have the best voice in the city!”

He draws his attention back to us at the table and looks at me intently, “Her voice deserves to be heard by the entire world. I’m fuckin’ serious.”


Then to Elliott’s place on 16th. Sharing a few hits out on the third floor porch but not much more than that. Not something I usually partake in but it felt right...with these friends...this night.

Back home.

Lauren tells me how a guy whom she barely knew just gave her $20 after explaining that she didn’t have any money as of late...

Her: “It gives me hope for humanity.”

Me: “These are swell times, more than you think.”

Sleep 5 a.m.

[i] All images taken by me and Stephanie.

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