Wednesday February 9 2011

She has to wake up before 3 p.m. to make a dentist appointment. I’m so sleepy. But she’s touching me in a desirable fashion—it feels so good. Her body is wonderfully warm and inviting, luscious and creamy. Sex is a wonderful de-stressing technique and mid-sleep activity.


It’s 5:38 p.m. She’s knocking on my window. Rushing to pick my car up from the shop so I can make it to work by 6 p.m.

Breakfast: Egg and Cheese Burrito. Orange Juice.

Delivering at China Wok.

Describing Margot’s mugged story to Kenneth. He says he probably knows the dude that did it and would investigate a little.

Counting quarters.

Practicing at the storage unit—constructing guitar melodies for a new song.

Chilling with Margot in the bed watching The Good Night [2007], an indie comedy about a mid-life crisis and lucid dreaming. Sharing Popcorn and White Wine. Making sweet love.

The snow has fallen once again. This snow is a joke. But beautiful nonetheless. Not so harsh, but soft and humble.

Dinner: Kenneth’s Pork Roast with Potatoes and Onions. Rice with Mixed Vegetables.

Newspaper route.

Blueberry Donut from 7-11 with Milk.

Slosh slosh slosh, my feet slosh in the dirty white ice.

At the end of the route a roadblock is set up along the way I usually take to get home. Figures. Taking an alternative direction through the courthouses. Of course, another setback up ahead. Taking Holland. It’s frustrating how weather like this wastes so much on travel time. Yelling in the car to keep myself awake.

I walk inside the house. I expect Kenneth to be asleep on the couch, sitting straight up with his eyes closed like normal. I hear, “How was your night?” It took a while to register what he said. Maybe he’s talking in his sleep. I choose not to respond.

Killing the rest of the wine and duking it out in Unreal for a few minutes while I wait for the banks to open. Kenneth is up and about now—fascinated by the guns I’m using in the video game, “Whoa, Rob. You done got a laser gun.”

Arriving at the bank right at 9 a.m. only to find the lights off inside and no sign of any bank tellers even preparing to open. I’m just as befuddled as the others that are waiting alongside me. This is ridiculous. The streets are not that bad. We had our form of a blizzard already, and this is not it.

I choose to leave for my other bank hoping they would be open instead and I could get my other business done. It’s on Lynnhaven Parkway so it’s a little out of the way. Again, discovering the same situation, door locked. One of the employees tells me and the other lady standing there at 9:30 they’ll be open. I ask her why all the banks are opening so late. “Well sir, we had to drive in the snow.” Boo hoo. I’ve been driving in the snow all night. It is not that bad. I mean, really, wake up Virginia Beach. We know it snows here once or twice a year. Prepare yourselves. So I wait in the car reading yesterday’s newspaper from the tall stack of papers I have in the backseat. 9:30 rolls around and still nothing. An employee opens the door to let another employee inside. He regrets to inform us it will be more likely around 10 a.m. Are you serious? Toys R Us is open on time and no bank is. Something is wrong with that. So irritated at this point because I could be at home doing something more productive than waiting. The snow has elongated my travel time and day and royally inconvenienced my life.

I head back to the original bank and luckily they’ve opened by now. I do my thing. And I’m out.

Finally residing next to the beautiful girl. But she has to get up to do her errands.

Sleep 11 a.m.

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