Friday February 4 2011

DREAM: I watch as Optimus Prime (Transformers) falls from the sky landing on the ground with a clunk. Nothing seems to be broken—just a few scratches and dents on his mechanical arms and legs. A man walks by and without even looking at Optimus comments to himself, “Stupid humans. Always falling.” I thought this was a strange thing to say because the Transformer fell, not a human. Maybe it was a projection of himself. Either way, Optimus did not take this comment lightly. He raises his right arm; palm flattened out, and shoots out a blaze of fire at the bushes, right next to the man, as a warning sign I suppose. I think there’s a rule that he’s not allowed to harm humans. The Transformer walks off into the distance. I’m starting to become aware of the dream’s environment—the air is humid and warm. I can smell the beach. Now I’m in the car with my mother and we’re riding down a dark two-lane road. She’s driving and I’m in the passenger seat. The windows are down and I can hear the wind whistling through the trees. We’re heading to pick up Jimmy, my stepdad. She tells me about a dead body up ahead that’s been lying there for a while now. Nobody’s dared to investigate or check it out. We pass it on the left. All of a sudden we hear wolves howling and other strange animals making noises all at once. I tell my mom, “This place doesn’t feel good. It…it feels like doom!” She feels it too. I’m insistent that we turn around and head back the way we came. So we make a u-turn. We pass the dead body again. I notice there’s a string tied to it and some kind of balloon sign for Advanced Auto attached floating in the air. We pull into a parking lot. A tax refund store. “I don’t think Jimmy’s there.” I notice a nook of pastry and deli shops just a little bit further in thinking Jimmy would be there. I know this place from another dream. I assure my mom I know where I’m going. There’s a line of people waiting to order. I grab an unusually large blueberry muffin cake sitting on the display shelf. It looks delicious and it has powdered sugar sprinkled all over it. “Mom, you should share this with me.” She really doesn’t want to for some reason. I guess she wants her own thing.

Waking up at 5 p.m.

Breakfast: English Muffin with Peanut Butter. Orange Juice. Zinc.

Loading up the wagon with music gear. Caravanning to Williamsburg. Kal is riding with me in the passenger seat. Chit-chatting back and forth about current events, life, and things. He mentions something about how he never thought the opposites attract theory worked, but with Margot and I it does.

At The Meridian venue, which is actually a house turned into a coffee shop—quite a unique disguise, but inviting and hip nonetheless.

Eating an Egg Salad Sandwich with Tomato. Honey Green Tea.

We, Musicplayer, perform alongside of Space Expert, Digging Up Virgins, and Goodwill Falcon.

Enjoying the environment and the laid-back college kids. Everyone’s here to have a good time and experience music—no pretention, no snobs—just a good old-fashioned shoulder-to-shoulder sweaty house show.

During our set there’s a feeling of excitement from the audience—the dancing—the engagement. Feeling good about our set despite the few technical difficulties and glitches. I warmed up my voice in the car before we went on and I think this really helped, not only in preventing voice cracks but improving the tone and control of my vocal cords.

During the Digging Up Virgins set I observe the dancing and mosh pit—all the people swaying from side to side, front to back, moving as a single organism. The weight of everyone is causing the floorboards to shake. The floor is breathing. Certainly, we will all cave in at some point. It’s a beautiful scene of young freedom and spirit.!/album.php?aid=268286&id=709546229

Driving back to Virginia Beach. Kal and I continuing our chat…snacking on Salt n Vinegar Chips.

Eating Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

Newspaper route.

Dinner: Leftover Pork Roast from Kenneth with Rice and Mixed Vegetables. Noticing the fresh cracked pepper he put into it. Every now and then I chomp down on a whole peppercorn—such a good flavor.

Listening to Coast to Coast radio—talk of the electromagnetic changes the earth is going through and how it’s effecting current events and could explain certain occurrences as of late, like the random death of birds, incorrect migration patterns of sharks, and earthquakes. More and more people are starting to develop a new state of consciousness—realizing that there really is more to this tangible physical world of ours, so much more. This kind of apocalyptic talk is frightening and makes me second-guess the things I put my time into. Sometimes though, the best thing you can do is just enjoy the life you’re given while it lasts. That is worth it.

Eating a Coffee Donut Roll from 7-11 with Milk.

On the radio, Steve Lawrence’s “Go Away Little Girl” catches my ear.

Almost done with the route but this driving is very monotonous. I find a dark spot in a parking lot and nap for 20 minutes.

Finally home. Relaxing.

Watching The Man Who Wasn’t There [2001].

Sleep 9 a.m.

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