Wednesday July 7 2010

CLACK! 7:40ish a.m. I wake up to the sound of something falling. I look over at the foot of my bed and the plant has fallen on the floor, dirt spilt into a basket nearby. The cat is on top of Emily’s dresser kneeling low with a sheepish look on his face.

Me: “What just happened?!”

Emily is lying in bed on her laptop. Trying to find out from her how this happened.

She replies, “ I don’t know. He’s a cat!”

Sarcastically yelling back, “Oh that explains everything!”

Plants and cats in the house. Only one will survive and it’s probably going to be the cat. Feeling a little peeved at her unwillingness to help clean it up.

She seems surprised, “Right now?!”

Back to sleep.

Near 11 a.m. Chad wakes me up to tell me Joni is here to collect rent money. “I’ll have it for you by 2.”

Back to sleep.

DREAM: Walking on a pier that spreads out across the ocean. At the end of it – standing on the edge. The waves in the water start billowing up. With a few others – we have to leave! Preston Hocker is standing there talking with someone on a boat oblivious to the water. I see a school bus floating in the water attached to the pier. Felix is sitting inside. Making a joke with him about falling in the water with all the stuff I’m carrying. And then I actually trip over and fall in. ☼☼☼☼☼ In Angel’s house. I walk into the room where Clement, his cousin sleeps which is also the bathroom. But the toilet hides underneath the house. You press a button, a compartment opens up and the toilet pops out. It’s dirty and there’s urine floating in it. Clement talks to me about how excited he is to move out of this room.

Me: “So you’re taking Angel’s room?”

Clement: “I don’t know yet.”

1:30 p.m. waking up to the alarm.

I run to the bank, and then meet Joni in her house next door to give her rent money. She’s in the middle of baking a casserole from an old family Italian recipe. She assures me I can have some the next time.

At the storage unit talking with Dale, the manager, about what happened to my van and showing her the shoe prints and other clues. I’m probably going to move into a new unit where there are cameras and climate control.

Meeting Jamie Cheek at Barnes N Noble to give him the t-shirts to print the musicplayer designs on.

At Alpha Music getting a cable tip fixed and buying some power adapters.

Standing with Wesley, Elliott, and Emily talking about the lack of band rehearsal spaces here in Hampton Roads and how there are so many bands here. Emily: “What do you mean? There are like four bands here and you guys are in all them.”

Back at home. Chad is on the couch watching Beetle Juice.

Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwich. Salt N Vinegar Chips. Mango Oolong Tea.

At the storage unit rehearsing with Chad and Chris…recording scratch tracks.

At home, watching some of Buffalo 66’ and eating dinner: Lobster Ravioli with Spinach. Carrots. Garlic Naan Bread. Beer.

Unreal with Art and Roma.

Chad is watching Space Jam.

I go for a walk/run around the neighborhood.

Eating a bowl of Mini-Wheats with Strawberry Flavor.

Practicing songs at the storage unit.

Sleep around 5:45 a.m.

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