Wednesday July 28 2010

DREAM: I’ve been asked to join a crew in the making of a Hollywood movie. Arriving in a hotel meeting room. Introducing myself to everyone. Sitting down next to Michael Caine, who is directing. He looks a lot older and weaker than he does in waking life. He’s talking with the male and female actor across the table about a particular scene. I’m a little star struck but hold it in and try to act professional. My role is to be the helping hand to the director. Talking with Caine about how much music is a part of my life. At some point, Morgan Freeman becomes the director. Switch to a scene in a hotel room. My mom is sharing a room with me. Talking with her, it seems very difficult to explain things to her and sometimes she doesn’t hear me the first time. She heads to the bathroom but somehow leaves the front door open. “Watch out for the cat, mom!” She doesn’t hear me and is already closing the bathroom door. So I run outside to chase down the cat, which is Moses, my old cat who stays with my parents now. In the parking lot, trying to corner him. Moses looks a lot skinnier. I think it’s because he’s been in the wild for a long time now. He’s halted in the middle of the lot. I sneak up, grab the end of his tail, and pull him up in my arms. As soon as I do that, he becomes Ambrotious. Making it back to the room. My mom is surprised the cat got out. She apologizes. I tell her it’s no problem but inside I’m still unnerved that the front door was disregarded. ☼☼☼☼☼ I pull out a bike from under the porch. I have to adjust the brakes before I use it. I need to go to the store down the street for some reason. I start riding and notice a dark skinned girl wearing bright colors and short shorts. She’s very beautiful. I pass her on the sidewalk but keep peeking behind me repeatedly to see where she’s going. I sense danger coming to her, so I turn around in a small field nearby. She’ past out on the sidewalk. A blue station wagon is in reverse getting closer to her. They’re taking advantage of her fainted state and trying to kidnap her. Two guys get out. “You’re not taking her!” I stand my ground. One of the guys is a wrestler and challenges me immediately. “And I’m not wrestling you!” Despite my reluctance to wrestle, I pull his arms back and flip him over on top of the car. Then, I grab the other guy and toss him over on the ground. The girl wakes up from her unconscious state and still seems to be in a trance willing to be taken by anyone. The guys are still persistent. I continue to protect her.

Around 3 p.m. waking up from another hard sleep.

Breakfast: Toasted Plain Bagel with Butter and Blackberry Jam. Dynamo Juice.

Moving storage units.

Selling an air purifier to a guy.

Practicing at the new unit with Chris and Kal working out some new songs.

At home, eating Watermelon.

Proof that 1623 is a sitcom:

Emily and Wesley are side by side on the couch watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I join them for a little bit and eat dinner: Pad Thai Noodles with Kidney Beans and Vegetables.

Margot walks in with a big bottle of red wine for Emily.

Elliott follows.

Emily knocks over Wesley’s glass of wine that’s sitting on the street.

Talking about Chair Porn, Margot asks, “It’s chairs having sex? What is furniture porn? Click on it! Let’s see.” Wesley does his infamous “ehhahhehhahh”.

Tyler stops in and brings a friend. [crowd applauds]

There’s an argument over the state and reputation of 1623 and the integrity of Show N Tells.

Margot lies down next to me, “I’m smooth. Feel me.”

I head to the storage unit and start moving everything from the old unit into the new unit. Figuring out the best layout that allows the most space.

Quick break back at the house to eat a bowl of Frosted Shredded Wheat Cereal.

Wesley is scared of Kenneth. He keeps repeating this phrase over and over, “He pulled out a gun…he pulled out a gun…he pulled out a gun!” Apparently Kenneth pulled out a gun to show them both.

Back at the unit continuing to organize and consolidate.

Home, eating Watermelon (cold watermelon is the most refreshing thirst quencher).

Playing Unreal.

Snacking on Rice Crackers and a slice of Nutella Bread.

Watching some of Two Lovers.

Sleep 7 a.m.

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