Saturday July 3 2010

DREAM: Playing a game of tag with Art and Margot inside a mall size arena with lots of corridors and stairways. At the beginning of the game I sense an uncomfortable seriousness. I don’t know how to explain this except that it’s a feeling of being on edge at all times, like that fight or flight decision you make when faced with a life or death situation. Some of the locations I’m running through I recall from another dream. At one point I’m falling from high above this dark tower – in control – a feeling of anti-gravity. I tag Art. Margot finds us but she still thinks I’m “it”. Art and I play along and then at the right moment Art tags her in surprise. Now all of us are running in a spacious court/foyer area in the middle of this so-called mall. I slide down an escalator that’s moving extremely fast, Art and Margot following directly behind me….

Somewhere between 11 and 11:10 a.m. I wake up.

Breakfast: Toasted Bagel with Butter and Blackcurrant Jam. Orange Juice.

Work at China Wok.

I sell a paper shredder to a guy at the restaurant.

Quick stop at the house for lunch. Ambrotious is sleeping in the king’s throne.

Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwich with Lettuce and Tomato. Salt N Vinegar Chips. Blueberry Green Tea. Zinc, Vitamin E, Alfalfa Grain.

A cop pulls me over for going 55mph in a 45mph on Laskin Road, a brake light being out, and no seatbelt. Fortunately, he only gives me a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt and a warning for the rest.

Passing Borders Bookstore – outside is a little black lady has wrapped herself in a black cloth sitting in a chair with the biggest smile on her face.

Driving down VaBeach Blvd, I spot Emily struggling on the side of the road with her bike.

Eating Watermelon, Apricots, and a Banana.

My body feels sore from running in the forest for the Color video yesterday.

Finally getting off work after a 10 hour shift.

Inhaling my Vegetable Lo Mein for dinner as I drive to finish the last delivery.

Musicplayer show at Winston’s Café with Pan Galactic Straw Boss.

The instrument cable tip to my acoustic guitar pick up somehow gets bent so I can’t use it and the wheels on my cab fall off. Other than that, playing the show is fun and I’m starting to feel more confident in these new songs the more we perform.

My newly acquainted friends from the ice cream shop show up.

Yolinda, the owner, offers me a beer. I accept a Bud Light. It has such a cold and refreshing taste to it especially after such a long and busy day – a perfect post-show delight.

Talking with the Straw Boss guy. He’s very enthused about our performance – talking about the Weezer and Pixies influences, doing shows in the near future.

Kal introduces me to Janie, a friend of his. She offers to buy me a shot. I decline at first because I want to enjoy and finish my Bud Light. But somehow, with the help and camaraderie of others, I accept a shot of Jameson. Enjoying that burning sensation in my throat and the limp feeling on my lips – chatting at the bar with Kal, Gabe, and the others. Lingering around outside, sharing my Indonesian cigarettes with Janie – talking with people – feeling a little drunk but not too drunk, just drunk enough to be happy about it.

Giving Janie a ride home. Her and I lying on the couch together – Land of the Dead on television. She tells me about her love for zombie movies. Embracing and exchanging kisses – enjoying the fresh scent on her body. “This is new for me…” I say – meaning ‘you’re new for me’. Nuzzling her in the same way I would Ambrotious. We’re cats. We’re animals. We need to feel and touch other animals. It’s nurturing and a very human drive. I wouldn’t have wanted it to go any further. I think this was good for me; offering affection to someone unstained and foreign. Doing something out of the ordinary, or rather pushing the limits of this familiar zone I’ve created for myself keeps me sane and alive.

At home, eating a bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats.

A long and hot shower.

Sleep around 6:30 a.m.

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