Thursday July 8 2010

At some ungodly hour in the morning, I hear something that sounds like a siren going off and at the end of the ringing I hear, “…take me hooooome!” Something heated is going on between my housemates in the room over from me. She keeps yelling at him, “Take me home! Take me home! Take me fucking home!” with a different tone in each phrase. She’s completely flipped and insisting that he take her home. They had some kind of argument that escalated into something hostile. He doesn’t know how to handle it. I’ve heard stuff like this before with them but this is the most intense I’ve observed. This situation isn’t too unfamiliar to me, as I have experienced the same female hostility before. It seems to have calmed down somewhat and I fall back to sleep.

DREAM: Nighttime. Running along the side of cornfields as bad guys in sleek cars drive by attempting to shoot me and some other people. One of them as he aims his gun at me runs into a corner just in time before he gets the chance to shoot. Later, my Dad is with me and we’re going through this abnormally large box of things that belonged to our ancestors or relatives. I’m sifting through everything – picking up a tomato from a big batch that looks more like persimmons. “These are bad.” I try to explain to my Dad that you should just trash these tomatoes because they’re no good.”

3 p.m. I wake up.

Breakfast: Toasted Bagel with Butter and Raspberry Preserves. Orange Juice. Zinc, Vitamin E, Alfalfa Grain.

Trip to Alpha to get guitar strings. Elliott helps me pick out the best ones for me.

Putting new strings on my guitar at home. Chad is watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail in the living room.

Practice at the storage unit with Chad and Chris.

Musicplayer show at Sharx off 21st Street with Mirlo. Chad’s last show with us before he leaves for 7 months. Feeling good about the performance. A few friends show up.

Playing cornhole for the first time.

Jamil brings Karina, a friend of his from work. She dances a lot.

Eating Pizza with Avocado and Tomatoes. Drinking PBR out of ice cold mugs.

Chad and I drop off the equipment to make room for people in the van and then, meet up at Elliott’s house.

With Eric, Shane, Natasha, Jamil, Elliott and his friend. Attempting to boogie board down the wet grassy hills of The Cavalier. An employee stops us early on and tells us we’re not allowed to be here. Elliott and his friend leave, then the rest of us go inside the old hotel. I want everyone to see the beauty of this place. Shane is impressed with the shade of blue painted on the walls. Two girls are trying to play “Heart and Soul” and “Fur Elise” on the piano. I hop on with them and play along. I receive a text from Eric: “The asshole manager is trying to find you. Watch out, he’s got a flashlight.” Sure enough the manager shows up with a flashlight shining straight ahead towards Jamil, Natasha, and I, even though the room is well lit. He explains to us we cannot be inside the hotel unless we have a room here. He uses the argument that if one of us gets hurt then we could sue the hotel. I try to reason with him as he escorts us out to the van that we’re just looking around and mean no harm to the place. He’s not making any sense as he compares this situation to the war in Iraq, “It’s like the war in Iraq, you see. They’re shootin at us but we can’t do anything about it because our fuckin government sucks.” I’m not sure where he’s going with this. This is the first time out of all the many visits to this place I’ve ever been told I can’t even look around. I’m sure if I was an older man, maybe in his 50’s or 60’s, and I wanted to look around, they wouldn’t have made any effort to tell me I can’t be there. But no! As far as they know, I’m just some ignorant and juvenile dude with a pair of beat up Vans slip-ons and all I represent to them is a potential liability case. This is obviously a disappointment but we leave anyway and continue on with the night.

Giving Natasha a ride to her place. Seeing some of her friends from last summer. Sipping on Green Tea using the tea leaves. She brought it here from Belarus. Brushing up on some Russian – she teaches me a little.

Back at home, recapping with Emily some of the interesting portions of our day. Telling me about some perspective she’s gained from an ex-boyfriend of hers and the life she’s begun here in Virginia Beach over the past year.

Eating a bowl of Black Beans and Rice.

Practicing songs at the storage unit for another Musicplayer show tomorrow.


Sleep around 7:15 a.m.


la duchess anne said...

it's weird to me how you say, "female hostility." i mean i've always found it sort of strange how you think of females as a different species / how you think it's impossible for males and females to ever really understand each other.

just saying. i've had too much coffee and i felt inspired to comment. love you brother.

- caitlin

James Robert Smith said...

Ha. Yeah I guess I tend to do that. However I don't think it's impossible for males and females to understand each other. Most of my experiences with females have been hostile in recent years so I've just had no hope as of late.