Sunday March 26 2017

Waking up at 12:07 p.m. Ana and I get in the mood for sexual things.

Irish Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Raisins, Maple Syrup, and Kefir. Black Tea.

Cleaning the bathroom thoroughly.



Shooting the basketball around in the cul-de-sac with Anthony and Allyson.

Toasted PB&J. Potato Chips. Grapefruit. Oolong Tea.

Watching Assassin’s Creed (2016).

Organizing and planning the next rock school session.

Picking up groceries and a Pizza from Whole Foods.

Pizza and a Salad. Blackberry Sparkling Water.

Muscat Grapes.

Working on technical stuff on the piano. Coming up with a few progressions.

Meanwhile, Skippy’s spending the night in Anthony’s room with Cynthia and some guy named Preston.

Sleep 4 a.m.

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