Tuesday October 2 2012


☼ ○ ▬

It’s nighttime. Margot and I are in some foreign city standing on a second story porch after it’s rained.

Me: “Do you hear that?”

She makes some kind of smart remark.

Me: “It’s music.”

We both hear the sound of somebody playing a classical song on piano in the distance.

Me: “It’s a girl playing. I can tell the difference when a girl is playing and when a boy is playing.”

Her: “How’s that?”

Me: “Because when a girl is playing she hits the keys delicately and soft. I mean generally speaking. A guy plays with fervor.”

Then we hear whoever’s playing bang on the keys loudly and obnoxiously.

Me: “Hm. They must be frustrated.”

▬ ○ ☼

Getting out of bed around 1:30 p.m.

Strawberry Toaster Pastries. Orange Juice.

Catching up on business.

Grilled Cheese with Tomato and Hummus. Quaker Cheese Rice Snacks. Honey Green Tea.

Watching The Escapist (2008).

Chatting with Aysena on Skype. She just arrived back in Moscow today.

Polenta Provencale with Tofu and Pasta. Hoegaarden.

I meet up with a guy on Pacific and 9th to buy an iPhone. I’m supposed to get this for Aysena and ship it over for her. Afterwards, I drop by Art’s apartment to have a professional look at it. His father and stepmother are in town. Art presents me to them as “my best American friend.” They’ve got the dinner table stocked with Russian horderves and whiskey. His dad shares with us a few Russian folk songs and we all sing along. I’m requested to play a few of my own. It’s also Art’s birthday and it’s tradition to grab the birthday victim’s ears and pull on them the appropriate amount of times. I watch Art cringe while Roma’s girlfriend conducts the act. Also, his dad shows us magic tricks. It’s a lively night.

Back home.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Sleep 4 a.m.                                                                                                       

[i] All images by me.

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